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JUNE 27/28th, 2019


On June 27/28th, the REVALUE partnership held the final transnational project meeting in Paris, at the Cité des Métiers, hosted by IRIV.

The meeting represented a great opportunity to discuss the project status, sharing the outcomes of the testing activities of the two curriculum handbooks (IO3 and 4) and of the work-based labs (IO6). 

Aside from project-related activities, partners also held a series of interesting debates, thanks to the intervention of different guests: Sylvie Sesma, Responsible of the label at Cité des Métiers, who presented the structure to all partners, explaining the activities held at the support of labour inclusion of individuals in a situation of social disadvantage and the nature of its network; Marion Gouille, project responsible for the French charity association France Terre d'Asile, that plays an important role in supporting refugees and asylum seekers; Salomé Picard and Fabrice Periac of the Paris Business School, who are working on the Erasmus+ project VIFRE, that provides a platform for self-assessment and upskilling of entrepreneurial competencies for migrants. 

The discussions have been important and fruitful, with the objective of defining new strategies and opportunities for increasing cooperation between the various organizations and partnerships and guaranteeing stronger exploitation of the Revalue outputs, also after the end of the project.

Revalue- meeting Paris- team.png


May 2019

The second German MULTIPLIER EVENT: Who migrates to Europe?

On May 10th, GSub organized the Second German Revalue Multiplier Event, "Who migrates to Europe? Educational and professional profiles of refugees in Europe". During the meeting, GSub representatives delivered participants some of the most interesting outcomes related to the IO2, the Revalue comparative research on previous experiences of refugees and asylum seekers arrived in Italy. Attention was also reserved to the other project outputs, with a general presentation of the IO3 and 4, the curriculum handbook for "Migrant Service Provider" and "Social Enterprise Manager". A representative from the coordinating organization, ERIFO, participated in the event in virtual mobility.


apr 2019

The seminar  "Qui immigre en Europe?"

April 25th 2019, FISPE organized the seminar  "Qui immigre en Europe?", with the assistance of MVAC 17. The event gave partners the possibility to spread information concerning the research done in the context of the Second Intellectual Output of the project and provide more details concerning the products delivered

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Mar 2019

Empowering refugees through VET in Italy

On March 28th 2019, ERIFO organized the multiplier event "Empowering refugees through VET".

 The Multiplier Event was centered on a general presentation of the contents of Restart IO1 toolkit.
ERIFO also took the chance to present draft version of the IO3 and IO4 Curriculum Programmes fro
“Social Enterprise Manager” and “Migrant Service Provider”, explaining the potential advantages
that these instruments could provide to refugees and asylum-seekers interested in finding new
employment opportunities.

3° Meeting


Jan 2019

First presentation

A first presentation of the Revalue project was done at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in partnership with the French partners (iriv Conseil and FISPE) and the Cité des Métiers in January 2019.


Location: Paris



sept 2018

The third meeting of the REVALUE project was held in London on the 20 th and 21st of September 2018, hosted by RINOVA. The first day of the meeting has been dedicated to the review of the project outputs’ progress and of the activities calendar. The event gave partners a fundamental chance to discuss issues connected to the integration of refugees in particular conditions of distress into the labour market of their countries of destination. On the second day, many aspect of the project were presented, namely the general framework of the output, the roles and activities of each partner, and the financial management.

Location: London



REVaLUE - test of REStArT toolkit

The REVaLUE has been tested in France by the French partner – iriv Conseil- on the occasion of its monthly club at the Cité des Métiers offering a social & professional support to migrants & refugees in their transition into the labour market- http://club-iriv-paris.blogspot.fr/




dec 2016

kick off meeting

The kick off meeting of the REVALUE project was held in Rome on the 15th- and 16th of December 2016, hosted by the project coordinator ERIFO. The two days meeting was devoted to introduce to the partners the main features of the project and its aims. After an introduction of the project roadmap, the attention of the audience was focused on the IO1 and the activities that must be realized. Namely to support the realization of tools for the recognition of refugees’ formal education the realization of the tools that will compose “REStArT”, and the validation of the assessment tools. The last part of the day was dedicated to the IO3 and IO4 presentation. The second day of the meeting concerned the definition of financial, management  and communication aspects.

Location: Rome


nov 2017

2° Meeting

The second meeting of the REVALUE project was held in Budapest on the 14th- and 15th of November 2017, hosted by JOVOKEREK. The first day of the meeting gave the opportunity to update partners concerning the development of the activities in the different IO, and the contribution that each partner provided to the project. The second day was dedicated to the definition of financial, management, communication and quality aspects. The partners provided insights concerning social and economic needs of the migrants who are looking for a way to be integrated into society, developing strategies to build a relationship with them.

Location: Budapest